Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and the Crosswalk Petition

Dear Parents,

Today, Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer held a press conference asking the DOT to give PS 11 our much need stop light and crosswalk on Skillman Avenue!

A big THANK YOU to all the parents who were able to attend this today and demonstrate your support!

For those of you who may not be aware, an urgent need has arisen for the addition of a new crosswalk on Skillman Avenue and 54th Street. Being that the main entrance of the P.S.11 has changed to 54th Street and Skillman, students have begun coming to and from school by crossing at this corner (between the Woodside Library and the P.S.11 entrance). This has created a very dangerous situation as there are no signs or any indication that a car should yield and cars tend to come very fast up Skillman Avenue.
We are asking the Department of Transportation to put a crosswalk, stop sign or stop light in this location. Please consider signing the attached petition (English and Spanish) and circulating to as many friends and neighbors as possible. We are aiming to collect 1,000 signatures by November 10. Completed signature pages can be returned to the security desk at the main office of PS11 or returned in your child’s backpack to the attention of the P.S.11 PTA.

Thank you for your support of this important cause!
P.S.11Q PTA Executive Board

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